Tell a Story
Or Two!

Photos are the best way to tell them.

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 Absolutely stunning... Meticulously crafted specifically for iPad and heavily inspired by the design principles of iOS 7.
- BeautifulPixels
Darkrume is a high-quality Flickr client for the iPad that may just rekindle your love of the photo storage online service.
- iDownloadBlog
So Nice!
- The TechBlock
позволяет просматривать потрясающие фотографии с Flickr, без отвлечения на лишние детали интерфейса
- Macilove


Are the epicenter, that hold the soul of this mechanism; beautiful, truly seamless, and sometimes infinite.

Scroll a little and you can instantly show or hide the app’s chrome. True immersive experience.

are Darkrume’s crowned jewels.

An immersive experience, aided by simple and powerful gestures.

Photographer profiles
are very minimal, thus designed to ensure absolute focus on the artwork.

Photo sets
laid out in horizontal rows to geometric perfection, adorned by their cover.

Groups are the perfect places to get your work appreciated and critiqued. A prized communal tool for photographers.