Polarized Search

Darkrume introduces a new powerful way to search for Photos on Flickr. It is the first of its kind and exclusive to Darkrume. It combines both tag and text search, and displays refined results, what we'd like to call, Polarized Results.

NikonD7000Nikon D7000Barcelona

*Actual results from Darkrume

How it's done

Most Searches that utilize both Tags & Text usually produce a combined set of results from both the individual tags and the individual text search. It looks something like this. Non-Polarized Search What you get is a result set that contains photos from both of those. In technical terms, it's essentially Set A Set B.

Darkrume's search filter takes into consideration, the Manufacturer, Make and Model, Location and so on if included in the search, as text or tags. It then queries for these terms and show's you a refined or as we call it: Polarized Results. Non-Polarized Search It becomes evidently clear that you're more interested in a refined result set that matches all your tags and text, instead of all of them together. In technical terms, it's essentially Set A Set B.

Can I get all the Results?

Off-course. Just use a full text or full tag search only, and Darkrume will not interfere. You'll get what you're looking for.